Loan Variation Forms

You can initiate changes to your mortgage account using some of the forms available here, without the need to pick up the phone. From managing your redraw account, to updating direct debit and changing your loan details – you’ll find everything you need to make a variation to your loan available below.

Change your Mortgage

We’ll need a ‘wet signature’ to process these changes for you. This means you’ll need to fill out and print the forms, sign in ink, and email the final copy back to us.
Change your payment details

Redraw Account Nomination - alter or cancel your destination bank account for redraw transactions

Direct debit request - change the account we'll debit your payments from

Change who can manage your loan
Third Party Authority - nominate and authorise someone to act on your behalf
Change your loan
Property Variation - change the security (for example, the property) of your loan
Get in touch with a Lending Specialist

Tell us about your situation. The more we learn, the better we can help.