Pepper Money began in 2000 by not being a bank.

In 2000, decisions about who could have a loan and who couldn’t were largely in the hands of mainstream lenders – and there was little room for anyone who didn’t fit the boxes used to make those decisions. It meant that many ordinary people were simply being shut out of owning their own homes. That so many - real people living real lives - were unable to get a home loan just didn’t seem fair to us.

So we decided to do something about it.

We created Pepper Money.

Today we're a well-established global credit provider. As well as consumer lending, we also provide specialist experience across the residential and commercial property sectors in all sorts of different communities around world. We have offices that span Australia, Asia and Europe – including China, Hong Kong, Spain, Ireland, England, South Korea, Portugal, Cyprus, Greece, and now - proudly - we’re in New Zealand.

Why are we different to the banks?

We look at each person's situation on an individual basis and base our decision on that person's specific ability to pay back a loan. We don't throw a blanket over those who don't fit a box and call them 'too risky'. And we don't automatically turn someone down on the basis of their credit history. That said, if the loan isn't right for them, we say so. We're here to help, not make things harder.

We're proud to be Pepper Money New Zealand, offering hard-working Kiwis the same flexible approach that has seen Pepper grow across Australia, Asia and Europe to become a truly global alternative lender.

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We do real life loans for real people.

"There's a good reason Pepper Money is one of the world's leading alternative lenders. It's the way they treat their customers as much as it is their loans. They actually care."


What is non-bank?

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Our Team

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